Surprised, Surprised, Surprised

I’ve never appreciated the weekends as much as I have since becoming a teacher- after five days with my students, I’m exhausted!

The past few Saturday’s I’ve been meeting one of my good girlfriends for coffee and shopping in the town center 🙂  So, why a picture of my car?  Because I surprised myself and successfully parallel parked without hitting the curb or any other cars!  Am I the only person who get’s an adrenaline rush from parking *dork*?!

Shopping find of the day: a holiday iPhone case?  Yes, please!

And I was pleasantly surprised to see that the holiday tree is up- ’tis the season to be jolly!

After spending some quality time with one of my girlfriends, the rest of my day was spent doing errands, grocery shopping…

And prepping for my Dear’s surprise party… “This is the best day of the year!”

And every party needs an oober delicious [chocolate dream] cake from Whole Foods

I guiltily admit, I am not the best secret keeper when it comes to surprises– I have the best intentions to keep my mouth shut, but somehow I have a tendency to spill the beans.  I told my Dear earlier this week that we were meeting our families for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Rio Grande [aka Uncle Julios], but 10 minutes before we left I split the beans…  That 22+ people would be at dinner- he was so surprised 😀

After a great dinner, some of the party went  bowling and I unfortunately did not score over 100 points [one of my “22 While 22” to-do’s], but it was definitely fun!

Today my Dear is “King for a Day” since it’s his birthday so he gets to choose today’s activities!  I’m not sure what we’ll end up doing, but this morning I thought I would make myself a breakfast fit for a Queen- every King needs a Queen, right?!

An apple, egg whites, turkey bacon…

And brancakes with a dollop of fat-free Greek yogurt mixed with cinnamon and a touch of Splenda [YUM]!  I love the grainy texture and the fluffy consistency!


Question:  Are you a good surprise secret keeper?

Question:  How do you celebrate birthday’s?



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7 responses to “Surprised, Surprised, Surprised

  1. can you share your brancake recipe, hun!? 😀

    • Life's a Bowl

      I def can and will share it!

      P.S. I found some awesome, all-natural, sweet potato cinnamon pancakes in the freezer section that I would recommend if you’re short on time (I’ll look up the brand, having a brain fart)…They were also featured in Women’s Health or Self’s 100 Best Foods for Women”!

  2. i love the idea of being a king for the day and eating like royalty! mmmm the eats look marvelous ❤

    btw i almost ruined my moms bday surprise like 10000 times so i am clearly not very good… i tend to do better if it is a last minute thing and i can tell myself to keep quiet withing 24 hours…but anything longer is just torture 🙂

    xoxo ❤

    ps. the boots in the last post are ADORABLE!!! me want!

    • Life's a Bowl

      I’m the exact same way, especially when it comes to holiday shopping- I’d love to start shopping now but I know if I buy anything I won’t be able to not spill the beans, haha!

      P.S. I loveee how warm the furry sneakers are- they were a couple seasons ago but I bet they’d have a similar style now!

  3. mmm those brancakes look so delish!!!

    yay for fun suprises!! (I am also terrible at keeping them- I just get SO excited!!)

    that iphone case is also ADORABLE!

    happy Monday, girly!

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