Burr, the cold, late-fall weather is definitely kicking in…  Darn it,  I was liking the abnormally warm weather we’ve been having lately!

Casual Friday attire included these babies… Furry Coach high-top sneakers…  WARMTH!

Since I made beef stew earlier in the week, my Dear hasn’t wanted to eat anything but leftovers- beef stew for dinner Wednesday and Thursday, beef stew for lunch Friday, and again for dinner last night!  Is it possible for a man to ever get “stewed out”?…  WARMTH!

I’m not a big leftover fan so I opted for a simple, yet satisfying salad, soup [unpictured], and sandwich dinner…  WARMTH!

The real highlight last night was the fabulous fire my Dear made for us while we watched the third Twilight movie, Eclipse…  WARMTH!

Some popcorn and dark chocolate Kisses were also consumed- movies always bring out my snacky side 🙂

This weekend is my Dear’s __ __th birthday!  He’s getting SO OLD!  I can only say that cause I’m still a youngin’ haha!  We’ve got some fun plans tonight with our family and friends and tomorrow he gets to be “king for a day” [his actual birthday] so I’m not sure what he’ll wanna do…  Have a fabulous weekend!

Question:  Do you watch the Twilight movies?

Question:  What are your birthday traditions?  My Dear and I let each other be “king/ queen for the day” and let each other choose the day’s activities!



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2 responses to “WARMTH

  1. That picture of the fireplace makes me SO happy 🙂 ❤

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