It Wasn’t Good Bye, It Was TTFN

Guess what… I’m BACKKK!

I can apologize many, many times for my month-long absence or I can just tell you that the past month has been busy but also fabulous 😀

I moved in with my Dear the first weekend in October and it’s been great living together- I cook, I clean, I wipe, I scrub…  Kidding!  Although I do cook and clean, my Dear is a great help around the apartment, especially with the hammer and drill!  I’ll have to share some pictures of the apartment soon!

I am still chugging along as a first-year teacher despite some challenges…  My students are great, my coworkers are all very helpful and supportive, and I am learning something new everyday.  I quickly have learned that working as a special education teacher [or maybe it’s true for all teachers], that things change by the day, hour, minute, and sometimes by the second.  Even though I may have a great lesson planned, something may happen that takes precedence…  Oh well, there’s always tomorrow!

I’ve been spending time with my momma and my girlfriends on the weekends…  It’s been so nice to catch up over dinner, grab coffee, stroll through the town center, or watch a chicky-flicky movie!

I’ve been cooking [and baking?] up a storm in the kitchen and I haven’t had a failure of a meal yet!  Mini turkey meatloaf’s, calzones, chicken sausage sandwiches, various pasta dishes, gingerbread spice cookies, and tonight, beef stew!  YUM 😀

Oh and some crucial gym workouts…  I’m getting back into my running groove and it feels great!

P.S.  Thank you to all of you who have continued to check out LAB on a daily basis, YA’LL ROCK!

Question:  What have YOU been up to?

Question:  Have any good eats lately?

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