I May Be No…

I may be no baker, but cereal bowls are equally as tasty for breakfast.

I may be no regular spa goer, but Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa sure knows how to soothe away any sore muscles and polish up your nails.

I may be no farmer, but I think I’ve found the perfect blend of veggies and proteins at the Teet salad bar.

I may be no mega-toned fitness buff, but a solid sweat session at the gym always puts me in a good mood.

I may be no movie critic, but I suggest you go see The Three Musketeers for some laughs.

I may be no restaurant critic, but I suggest you dine at Seasons 52 and order a glass of the Selbach QBA Riesling, an organic mixed greens salad, and the crab flatbread and you’ll be sweetly and sufficiently satisfied.

I may be no professional reviewer, but I am a girl who knows what she likes and I liked everything about my day yesterday 🙂

P.S.  My Dear and I are headed to Kings Dominion today- wahooo!  Supposedly the new roller coaster [Intimidator 305] is the “biggest, baddest, and meanest in the Mid-Atlantic!”

Question:  What’s your favorite spa service?

Question:  What are your Sunday [funday] plans?



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4 responses to “I May Be No…

  1. I am SO JEALOUS that you went to Kings Dominion! I haven’t been in almost 10 years- right after I graduated college. Man, that makes me feel SO OLD.

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