Three Things Thursday 10.20.11

Three three’s I currently can’t get enough of…

Sick Day Staples:

1.  Cold and hot liquids…

2.  Ice cream

3.  Cough drops [AKA candy drops]


1.  “Mr. Know It All” by Kelly Clarkson


2.  “Baby Girl” by Sugarland


3.  “All Your Life” by The Band Perry


YouTube Clips:

1.  “Older People Review T.I.’s ‘Whatever You Like'”


2.  “Cute Baby Elephant’s First Steps”


3.  “Boston Terrier Likes His Belly Tickled”


P.S.  I’m planning to make a shrimp and black bean stoup [stew + soup, thanks Rachel Ray ;)] tonight!

Question:  What three things do you do to feel better when you’re under the weather?

Question:  What movies should I rent?  I’m getting cabin fever and have little desire to sit on the sofa another day…


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2 responses to “Three Things Thursday 10.20.11

  1. fav movies that I think you should watch?? 🙂


    friends with benefits

    the brave one

    lincoln lawyer

    let me know if you have already seen them 😀

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