Taco Tuesday

Last night I planned to go to the gym after work but the weather was too perfect to be inside 🙂

I did a quick three miles around the neighborhood and felt like I was chasing the sunset…

When I got back to my house, it wasn’t completely dark yet so I walked a small loop around the block to cool down.  I also had some “important” business to respond to [aka catching up Words with Friends] 😉

The run felt great!  It was the first time I have run since having the melanoma surgery on both of my legs!  I’ve been a little apprehensive much of any high-impact activity in fear of tearing the internal stitches :/  But overall, I think both scars have healed pretty well [it’s def still a work in progress]…  Compare it now to it about a month ago


Last week I bought ground turkey at TJ’s and still haven’t used it so tonight was taco night!

Ground Turkey Tacos

lean ground turkey + sautéed bell peppers + spinach, diced mushrooms + TJ’s Fire Roasted Corn + Ms. Dash’s Spicy Blend+ pecorino romano cheese + mustard

taco mixture on whole wheat tortillas + shredded light mozzarella cheese

I was too lazy to take out the Foreman grill and didn’t want to wash two dishes…  I don’t have a brick wrapped in aluminum [as seen on TV], so my makeshift weight was two bowls and it worked out just fine 😛

Salad, soup, and baked blue corn tortilla chips were served on the side and I made a salsa + 0% plain Greek yogurt dipping sauce [the same combo from last week]…

Question:  What’s your favorite taco filling?

Question:  Salsa or guacamole or neither?



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8 responses to “Taco Tuesday

  1. I love Taco Tuesday! When I was in college, my friends and I would hit up our favorite Mexican restaurant nearly every week for $2 tacos. They weren’t anything special, but it was our time to catch up and chit chat over chips and cheap eats. I love the idea of adding mustard to the mix!

    • Life's a Bowl

      That sounds like fun! I’m hoping to arrange something similar or a more consistent time for my girlfriends and I all to meet up- it’s hard with all our different schedules!

  2. Salsa AND Guac! They make a great combo. 🙂

  3. You look like your scars are healing nicely! Conrats on the first run since surgery!

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