Getting Back Into the Groove

I know I’ve said it before, but since beginning my “real world” job of teaching, I’ve developed a big appreciation for the weekends…  The weekends are now a time for me to catch up on all of my personal to-do’s that got pushed aside during the week, as well as an opportunity to relax and unwind with my family and friends!

A couple of weeks ago, I gave y’all a glimpse into my classroom when I first saw it…

Well, over the past three weeks I’ve been rearranging tables/ chairs/ bookcases, copying and laminating, cutting and pasting, labeling and highlighting, ordering supplies, sorting through papers and folders [dated back to 1995], and trying to get myself and my students back into the groove of school.

Welcome to Ms. Flaherty’s 7th Grade Autism Classroom

The “computer zone” [the back wall]…

The “cubby/ storage zone” [the left side]…

The “instruction zone” [the front wall]…

The “student’s work zone”…

The “lounge” [the right wall]…

And “Ms. Flaherty’s work zone”…

It def has been a lot of work and taken many long days to get everything organized, but thankfully, it’s all paid off- I’m happy with how my classroom looks and my student’s parents say that their children are loving school, YAY!

I’m hoping that things will start to calm down soon…  I’ve been working long hours [at school and at home] and haven’t had much “me” time or time to relax.  The students and I have been reviewing the class rules and establishing routines the past two weeks and I think that by the end of next week our focus will be primarily on instruction and we will all be back into the groove of school.

P.S.  Last night I swung by the store after the gym to pick up some…

And it tasted delicious this morning 🙂  Yesterday I shared that there is a cantaloupe recall, but I ain’t scared!  I’ve been eating it almost every day for the past couple of months and it hasn’t made me sick yet- I sure hope I didn’t just jinx myself…

I gotta get ready to meet one of my girlfriends for a mani/pedi date!  Have a stupendous Saturday 😀

Question:  How do you get back into the groove of things?  School, work…

Question:  What are your plans for the weekend?



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4 responses to “Getting Back Into the Groove

  1. Marlena

    Your classroom looks awesome!!!

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