Black Banana Bowl

Last night was B-2-SN [Back to School Night]!

I was so nervous before the parents got to school.  The past two weeks have been a learning curve for both the students and myself.

Things that I have learned:

  • I need to get to school early.  There is no time to plan, make copies, or do much of anything other than teach during the day.
  • Not to get angry or upset if things don’t go as I had planned.  Rather, I need to take a step back, think of an alternative approach, and retry.
  • My student’s are messy eaters [we decorated place mats today]!
  • When things get chaotic, turn on calming classical music [thank you Pandora] and the students will quickly settle down.
  • Taking three deep breaths, stress balls, and play-dough are great stress relievers.
  • Sleep is necessary for me to function.  I need to work on getting to sleep earlier…
  • My students love playing on the computer and reading magazines.  I need to find some fun and interactive websites that they can view…
  • Packing my school bag and gym clothes the night before saves me time to pack my lunch,  snack, and drinks in the morning.
  • My students love coming school [as reported by the parents]-  YAY!

This morning I sadly realized that I ate all of  the cantaloupe- womp, womp…  Maybe it’s a good thing though since there supposedly is a widespread cantaloupe recall?!  OH NO!  My Dear mentioned this to me last weekend but he didn’t know much about it, so I still bought me two melons and let’s be honest, I’m planning to go to Costco tomorrow and buy another set of 3 melons 😛  It hasn’t killed me yet!


Since I didn’t have any more melon, I thought it was a sign that maybe I should switch up my breakfast- I’ve had the same breakfast for three days in a row [and may more days before that]!  I wouldn’t say I’ve been in a food rut, rather a food fix, aka I’m loving my melon, egg, and morning muffin combo!  Why fix something that ain’t broke, right?!

Remember a couple of weeks ago I found a black banana hiding in the back of the fridge?  Well, this morning I found another banana that I forgot about and turned black.  What to do, what to do…  Ah ha, a black banana bowl!

No judgments!  Didn’t your momma ever tell you not to judge a book by its cover?!  The same holds true, don’t judge a banana by its peel!

The Star of the Show, Mr. BB (**Black Banana**)

The Supporting Cast and Crew (plus unpictured cinnamon)

Naked Cereal Bowl

BAM! Beautiful cereal bowl... Kashi Go Lean + TJ's High Fiber Cereal + black banana + cinnamon + Silk Light Vanilla Soymilk

Mmm, look at all the banana pockets of deliciousness!

Up Close and Personal with Mr. BB

Rest assured, it wasn’t a mushy squishy rotten banana…  It was a perfectly ripe banana with black skin!  And it tasted mighty fineee 😀

P.S.  I’ve got another inspirational guest post to share with y’all today- stay tuned!

T[hank] G[oodness] I[t’s] F[riday]


Question:  What is your favorite banana dish?

Question:  What have you learned this week?



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