“Nothing Gets Between Me and My Mat”

I have another great inspirational guest post to share with y’all tonight!  After re-reading Danielle’s story, I couldn’t help but think to myself how amazing some of my girlfriends are and how blessed I am to have them in my life!


My Dear friend Allison asked me to write a guest post and I am pleased to share the story of my journey with the practice of yoga: )

A preface to my story…  I completed my first level certification through “YogaFit” at an Mind Body Fitness conference in Northern Virginia.  Within the next year, I received my level 2 certification and I have plans to complete my level 3 certification at the MBF conference in Salt Lake City, Utah in 3 weeks.  The following bio was initially written as a submission for “YogaFit’s” 2011 ad campaign contest!  And I am so grateful to say that I WON! 🙂

Me and My Yogini's at Our Level 1 Certification

My journey with yoga began at a time when I was suffering from a debilitating eating disorder and was essentially tearing myself to shreds; not only was my body shrinking, so was my mind.  Today, I can say that yoga played a strong role in restoring what I had lost and in bringing balance and joy back into my life.  I went to my first yoga class with my big sister at a health club and immediately felt at home with my mat.  That first class began a routine habit of practice, which in turn brought me to researching and networking where to certify.  I believe Yogafit came in answer to a prayer I needed in order to find my path in this life.  I soon switched my education focus from architecture to exercise & wellness with the dream of one day opening a yoga studio.

The advertisement for the contest featuring Beth Shaw, the founder of YogaFit 🙂

I love the motto “Nothing gets between me and my mat.”  It represents the beauty of yoga, its essence, it’s core.  To me, yoga is the blessing of a constant companion to the disheartened and broken.  It’s the source of fulfillment to the joyful and energetic.  Despite the experiences that come to us in this life, we always have our yoga mat to pull out anytime, anywhere.  Whether we simply sit and breathe deeply or rock out our best standing splits, we are bringing more balance, more peace and more gratitude for ourselves and for our lives.

The photo I submitted for YogaFit's ad campaign contest

The beginning of this year, I was in a snowboarding accident and crushed a vertebrae in my spine.  For 7 weeks, I wore a back brace from my hips to my collarbone and had to turn an especially active life into somewhat of an immobile one.  While I couldn’t run, weight train or do many of the things I love doing, none of this came between me and my mat.  How grateful I am that in a time when I otherwise would have felt sorely disheartened, I could still have my practice.  Sure, it wasn’t the same routine, but that’s the beauty of yoga. It kept me strong, kept me relaxed and at peace.  I know that I will heal and one day return to life as it was, but as for now, I know I have my mat.




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Finish the Saying:  Nothing gets between me and my __________.

Question:  Do you practice yoga?

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