10 SELfy Ideas

Lately, I’ve been spending all of my time at school working…

At home eating and sleeping….

Or the little “me” time I have had has been spent at the gym working out and reading magazines…

In this month’s issue of Self, the editor, Lucy, shares her “Top 10 SELFy Ideas!“, the best advice that she’s received over the past ten years while working at Self…

  1. Fad diets don’t work.
  2. Having fun keeps you young.
  3. Confidence is key.
  4. Beauty comes from the inside.
  5. Taking care of yourself is Job One.
  6. Today is the starting line.
  7. Giving back feels like getting.
  8. Growing means taking risks.
  9. We are all too hard on ourselves.
  10. This is your moment.

Growing up, I played competitive basketball and lacrosse.  Everyday after school, I’d either have practice or a game and on the weekends, I would travel to play in tournaments.  I enjoyed being part of a team because I was surrounded by girls who shared a similar passion as me, as well as providing each other with support on and off the playing field.

After dedicating a large majority of my life to sports, I started to burn out.  My freshman year in college, I attended a small liberal arts school and played division III lacrosse.  After a year, I decided to transfer to a larger university to pursue my passion in education and I my lacrosse career ended.  Although it was a tough to give up something that I loved, I don’t regret my decision.  This past May I graduated with a B.S. in Severe Special Education and I’m teaching 7th grade at a local middle school!

Once I stopped playing competitive sports, I became a gym rat.  When I am at the gym, I am able to disconnect myself from the chaos around me and clear my mind and as a result, I’ve developed a passion for running.  I ran plenty playing basketball and lacrosse but that’s a different kind of running- shorter and quicker distances.  Unfortunately, due to various injuries, my attempts to run a full-marathon [Cape Cod Marathon, fall 2009] and a half-marathon [Baltimore, fall 2011] have been postponed but I am determined and confident that I will complete a long-distance race in my future.


So how does my little story relate to Lucy’s top 10?!  Well simply put…

Going to the gym allows me not to worry about fad diets, it’s fun and keeps me young, it makes me feel better about myself [confidence booster], it keeps me healthy and strong mentally and physically, it allows me to escape all of the surrounding chaos, and IT IS “MY” MOMENT.

Hopefully, I never will have one of these moments…


Question:  What do you do during your “me” time?

Question:  Did you play sports when you were younger?


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