The Worst Case

Oprah is full of wisdom, don’t ya think?!   She is one of my favorite celebrities….


When I was in high school [and didn’t have to stay after for practice or a game], I would hurry home to watch The Oprah  Show.  I would enter myself into all of her raffles to win tickets [especially to the “Oprah’s Ultimate Favorite Things“] but I had no such luck.  Even though The Oprah Show has ended, I still would love to visit Chicago someday…


Not only does Oprah have her show, or now her own network, but she also has a big online presence.  She hosts three membership programs: Own TV Insider, Oprah’s Book Club Newsletter, and the Feel Good Challenge, as well as 19 free newsletters [and I thought maintaining one blog was hard work]: Thought for Today, Live Your Best Life, Coming up on The Oprah Show, Food & Entertainment Newsletter, Health, Home, Money, O Magazine, The Oprah Radio, Relationships, Screening Room, Spirit, Style, Sweepstakes & Promotions, No Phone Zone, World., The Oprah Winfrey Show Weekly Recap, OWN: Your OWN Show, and Ultimate Viewer.


One of the Oprah newsletters that I received today had a headline called “Why Worry.”  Since I’m beginning my second week of teaching, I currently have many worries of my own.  I worry whether or not I’m well enough prepared for the day- have I planned the lessons, do I understand the content being discussed, and have I made enough copies of the worksheets for each student?  I worry about what mood my students will be in when they arrive to school in the morning- if they had a good or bad night at home, if they slept well?  I was intrigued and thought that the article may lend me some tips about dealing with my worries…


After reading “Be Not Afraid,” I’ve realized that my worries about school are tiny in comparison to the worries discussed in the article, the “worst case scenarios.”  The situations are rather drastic and the chances of you ever experiencing one are slim, but I thought the information was practical and you can never be too prepared, right?!

“It’s Night, You’re Home Alone, and There’s a Burglar in the House”:

  • If someone breaking into your house, try to run out the front or back door.
  • If you’re unable to get out, lock yourself into a room [barricade the door if necessary] and use your cell phone to call 911.  **keep your cellphone by your bed at night for this reason**
  • If the intruder gets a hold of you, go for the eyes- pepper spray, hairspray, or air freshener are all good options.

“You Skid and Plunge Off a Bridge Into the River Below”:

  • Open your door ASAP, unfasten your seat belt, and get out.  **power windows won’t work, they’ll stop soon after impact**

“Your Elevator Suddenly Plummets”:

  • Squat down in a corner [to minimize impact] and do not try to open the doors.

“You’re Drowning in Quicksand”:

  • “Shuffle walk” to safety- wade through the mud until you reach firm ground.
  • The less moving around, the better.

“You’re Kidnapped and Held for Ransom”:

  • Run ASAP and yell “Fire!” **fire is more likely to attract attention than yelling “Help!”**
  • Look for an out.
  • If no out is available, make the captor see you as another human being [not just a thing]- share with them a humanizing story that may evoke empathy, and ultimately get you free.

“Your Plane is in Trouble”:

  • Tighten your seat belt and follow the flight attendant’s instructions.
  • FYI: the middle seating area near the wings of the plan is the strongest and most structurally stable.

So just remember:  Don’t let a burglar into your house at night.  Don’t drive off a bridge and dive into a river.  Don’t ride in a broken elevator.  Don’t walk in quicksand.  Don’t get kidnapped. And don’t ride in a broken plane.


Question:  What was your favorite Oprah episode?

Question:  What’s the worst case scenario you’ve ever encountered?


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