HomeGOODs & Seeing Green

This morning I met one of my girlfriends for coffee and a little shopping- two of my favorite things all before lunch, count me in!  We met at Sbucks, caught up on life, and made our way over to HomeGoods!

From the HomeGoods website:

“We love the feeling of finding something spectacular at a price that’s equally so. We call this feeling HomeGoods Happy—finding what you love at a price you adore. It’s the feeling that drives everything we do, and it’s why HomeGoods is where savvy shoppers of every style discover distinctive home fashions at up to 60% off department and specialty store prices every day.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself- def my kinda place!  I love shopping sales 😀

HomeGoods is stuffed with anything and everything you could ever need for your home.  Kitchen utensils, check!  Serving and dining ware, check!  Furniture, check!  Wall decorations, check!  Bedding, check!  Random knickknacks you never would think of, check!

I could use a different lunchbox every day of the week!

Insulated Cold Cup

Def a necessary kitchen staple for my momma- she has a Coke addiction 😛

Hm, can't you just put the eggs directly into the pot?!

Piggy Tongs

I think this cantaloupe knife would be very handy in my kitchen considering... Melon maniac!

"be a good cookie"

Cheat chopsticks- I know a few people who could use a pair of these 😉

Heart Sandwich Cutter

This cup makes no "sence"!

I really liked the blue printed set to go with the blue and yellow theme my Dear and I have in the kitchen...

Def fit for a princess puppy!

Pink Piggy Banks

Cool or cheesy?

Love this quote- the first time I've ever heard it!

Pinecone Owl

I ❤ Fall

I think this would be perfect for my classroom... If only I had room to hang it!

Yummy smelling Yankee candles!

Everyone needs a disco ball in their living room 😛

Let it be fall!

Always just gotta have faith!

Mini Pots and Pans

Yankee Candle Car Gels

After an hour of ooh’ing and ahh’ing, sorting, and sniffing, we checked out and parted ways.  Guess what?!  I walked away empty-handed!  I know, I’m shocked too…

When I got home my tummy was talking A LOT.  I had the urge for tuna fish but wasn’t feeling a sandwich.  I wanted veggies but I didn’t want a salad.  Thus, a snack plate and a tuna melt [sans the bread] it was!  I noticed that today’s lunch had a green theme: broccoli slaw, pickles, celery, cucumber, kiwis, TJ’s Edamame Crisps [okay, they’re technically tan but edamame is green], and the plate…

Cottage cheese bowl: TJ’s fat-free cottage cheese + a few heavy shakes of cinnamon + Stevia + TJ’s High Fiber cereal

Tuna melt [in a bowl]: broccoli slaw + chopped mushrooms + sweet pickles + tuna fish + salsa + mustard + sprinkle of Pecorino Romano cheese + random spices…  Mix, mix, mix…  Top with a slice of light pepper jack cheese and nuke in the microwave for a minute- voilà!

And I always gotta end on a sweet note [Deep Chocolate VitaTop + TJ’s Spreadable Goat Cheese] 🙂

No more gym or work today- it’s too pretty to be indoors so my Dear and I are headed to the Alexandria Art Festival 😀

Happy Saturday!


Question:  What is your favorite store to shop for home goods?

Question:  Do you have any fun weekend plans?



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2 responses to “HomeGOODs & Seeing Green

  1. megan robson

    I definitely have that heart sandwich cutter & the home sweet home car gels 🙂 it makes my car smell like Christmas 😀

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