Morning Rooftop Party

First and foremost…  TGIF 😀  I feel like I’ve earned this weekend after the long days I’ve spent at school this week!


Last night I switched things up from the egg and soup dinners that have been my go-to’s this week and made a stir-fry.  Into the pan went: broccoli slaw, mushrooms, and frozen sliced peppers.  A few minutes later I added some frozen shrimp and TJ’s Chicken Pot Stickers.  It was warm and comforting and everything I wanted!

I looks awfully similar to a dinner I made a few weeks ago…

P.S.  My momma and I made a bet last night.  Since the weather was so bad and many of the roads were flooded…  She bet that the county would cancel school tomorrow; I bet school would still be open.


Guess who won…  My momma and school was canceled today!  Thankfully, we didn’t bet any monies cause I’m a broke, recent college graduate with nothing to offer 😛  Even though school was canceled, I still went in this morning to tackle some of my to’do’s.  As I walked over to my desk I noticed something outside my window…

A ladder!

And two people!  Hm, a ladder and two custodians on the roof after a major rainstorm could only mean bad news.  Since they weren’t in my room, I minded my own business and began working…

FYI: Always punch out the different cut-outs before laminating…  Lesson learned the hard way!

After I finished cutting, I went to get something out of the closet on the other side of my classroom and noticed a big, wet circle on my ceiling…

Poke, poke, poke, and it fell…

Well, it appears that the rainstorm took a toll on the school roof.  My classroom, as well as many others, got leaks in their ceilings.  Now instead of the pee tile, I have a lovely black hole and a “rain catcher’ [aka trash can], bummer.  This new set up totes throws off my classroom’s whole feng shui [haha] 😛

Lunch today was a treat- I love salad bars and the Teet has a great one!

Isn't this golden DELICIOUS apple just beautiful?!

baby corn + shredded purple cabbage +broccoli + sliced mushrooms + sprouts + shredded carrots + a hard boiled egg

La Brea Bread = banging

Give me a piece of fruit + a bunch of veggies/ some protein + a loaf of bread = and I’m a happy girl 😀  My mouth was sad after I ate [shoved down] the last bite but my stomach was happy and content!  I think I need to order this shirt…


Already in my workout clothes, I decided to head to the gym after lunch because I knew  if I went home and laid down, my eyes would feel heavy and I’d slip into a slumber.

Dang, stairs are hard! I guess I've been riding too many elevators lately 😛

Sweaty post-workout 😉

Hope y’all have a great weekend!  I’m thankful to have a 3-day weekend because I need all the extra to sort through and organize all of this stuff…And go to the gym, grocery shop, and find time to have a little funsies with my Dear 😀

Question:  How do you get rid of onion breath?

Question:  What’s your favorite salad bar topping?


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2 responses to “Morning Rooftop Party

  1. I hope that the custodians were able to fix the ceiling, and that your feng shui is restored immediately! ;-p

    These storms have been CRAZY, haven’t they?! Summer didn’t even say goodbye! 😦 I think it’s supposed to be sunny tomorrow though. Woo!

    I love La Brea bread. It’s hands down the best baguette you can buy in a store! Just wish they made a GF variety. Maybe someday. 🙂

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend, Allison!

    • Life's a Bowl

      Haha, thanks! I’ll have to see tomorrow morning if they were able to fix it… Unfortunately, I think it’s a bigger problem than just in my room :/

      This weekend was beautiful, finally- wahoo 😀 Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

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