Me es Loca

I couldn’t be more excited about my student’s potential this year!


Over the past week and a half, my days have been consumed with decorating my classroom, creating lessons, battling the copy machine [Allison = 0, copy machine = 5], and getting into the swing of things so my days have been pretty sporadic.  And since school started, time is flying right out the window- one minute I’m working with a small group of students on math, the next minute it’s snack time, then time for more instruction, and before I know it the day is over!

So I’m sorry for the lack of and completely random pictures, but it’s a simple equation: spaz schedule + fried brain = me loca!

Hasta luego chicos and chicas!

P.S.  Make sure to check out the article from the New York Times about teachers that I shared earlier today!

Question:  What’s your go-to meal when your le tired?

Question:  What language did you take in high school?  I took Spanish and I am obvi [not] very good at it…

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