Yesterday was spent doing one of my favorite things: shopping 🙂  But it wasn’t any ordinary shopping trip…  My Dear and I were shopping for new bedroom furniture, specifically a mattress and a bed!

We lucked out and found a mattress and a bed at the first store we went to, Sleepy’s!


We went with a lush pillow top mattress…

And a wooden sleigh bed…

I’m so excited 😀  A new bedroom needs a new set of sheets so we swung by Macy’s and Target and chose a striped comforter and green sheets!

P.S.  I couldn’t help but giggle when we passed these super swanky things in Target 😛


My alarm rang at 5AM this morning but I didn’t make it to the gym.  However, I did: shower, pack lunch, eat breakfast, swing by Sbucks, and made it to school by 6:45AM!  I wanted to get there early to make sure everything was set up for my students on their first day of school…

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much time to take any pictures at school- as soon as the students arrived we started working!  We experienced some periods of first-day jitters and times when instructions were not followed, but overall it was a great day and I’m hoping that things just keep getting better as the year progresses 🙂

After 11 hours at school, I called it quits and headed to the gym for a sweat session- 45 minutes on the glider machine and a quick set of abs.

I kept it quick at the gym because I had to tackle the “Black Friday” of back-to-school shopping.  Despite waiting in a 30 minute checkout line, it was a successful shopping spree 🙂  I got a bunch of posters, flashcards, workbooks, money and clock manipulatives, paper, and a few other things…

I’m tired.  I’m exhausted.  I’m pooped.  I’m sleepy.  But I’m a first-year teacher and that’s expected.  I’m happy to work hard [and be a little sleep deprived] to make sure my students have the best seventh grade year 😀

Happy back-to-school everyone!

Question:  What is your favorite type of mattress?  Pillow top, Tempur-Pedic, firm, soft…

Question:  How many hours of sleep do you need each night to function?


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3 responses to “Sleepy

  1. That Beautyrest is going to treat you REALLY WELL. I have one 😀

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