It’s a busy night getting ready for…





Not only is tomorrow the first day of school, but it’s my first day of my first-year teaching *gasp*!  I’m overwhelmed with excitement and sooo nervous :/


I’m really hoping that there’s none of this…


My alarm is set for 5AM because I’m planning to pack my breakfast and lunch, go to the gym, and swing by Sbucks for much-needed cappuccino all before 7AM…  Ambitious?  I’ll update y’all tomorrow [if I’m still coherent ;)]!


Question:  Are you getting ready to go back to school?

Question:  What should I wear for my first day?


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6 responses to “Back-2-School

  1. Kayla

    good luck allison! keep us informed on how it goes (i’m sure you will ;).

  2. Ahh, so exciting! Good luck on your first day! What grade are you teaching? I’m sure the kids will love you. 🙂

    I started classes last week, however I begin my internship at the USDA this Wednesday, and I’m quite nervous!

    • Life's a Bowl

      Thanks! I teach a 7th grade autism class… It was a long day but we all survived and all my students left smiling and said they had a good day 🙂

      Good luck Wednesday- I bet it would be a blast working for the USDA! Please keep me updated!

  3. Good luck on your first day! Hopefully you came up with something awesome to wear and that it goes super well!! 🙂

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