Work-filled & Wonderful

Rise and shine, it’s Saturday morning and it’s not any regular weekend morning…  It’s the first morning of a 3-day weekend WAHOOO!

Yesterday afternoon was spent:

  • Working…

Working in bed def beats out working at a desk 😉

My mindset: the more I get done this weekend, the less I’ll have to do and stress about during the week.  I already know that I have a couple of meetings after school and the seasoned teachers keep warning me not to get sucked into the “first year teacher syndrome” [aka working 12+ hour days]…

  • Snacking…

Lightly Salted Rice Cakes + Cottage Cheese Mixed with Cinnamon and Stevia

For years, I used to eat rice cakes a lot…  I would use them as a base for pizzas, sprinkle them with a little cheese and toast them, top them with tuna fish, or crumble them on top of salads [I don’t like croutons] but I totes forgot about them until last week when I picked some up from TJ’s 🙂  This was a great afternoon snack!

  • Working out…

Reeebok EasyTone Sneakers

I’ve recently started wearing these Reebok toning shoes again.  To be honest, I started wearing them again because I thought I lost my Ascis running sneakers but really, they’ve just been hiding in the front hall closet [oops]!   I got my first pair of toning shoes last fall and really liked wearing them to walk around campus but I never really noticed if they did much toning- they def made it a little difficult to walk because of the air pockets located on the balls and heels of the shoes that make you feel off-balance…  Well, let me tell you, my legs and buns have felt a little more sore than usual since I put these shoes back on!  Maybe they really do tone?!

And the evening was spent:

  • Watching a Nat’s game at the ball park…

Beautiful night out at the ball park!

Let’s be honest- DC is not known for its sports teams, except for maybe the Cap’s [hockey team], I hear they’ve had a couple of good seasons in recent years.  The Nat’s have definitely gotten better over the years since they came to DC but when they’re having an off-night, they’re bad, like “stinky bad” [the wise words of the 6ish year old boy sitting in front of us last night :P]…  Too bad last night was one of those kinda nights :/  Hopefully they’ll have better luck tonight!

  • Being silly and watching the post-game fireworks!

I guess he didn't get the "silly face" memo 😛


Boom, boom...


I love, love, love fireworks and was so excited when they announced that there would be post-game fireworks!  Who couldn’t like an explosion of sparkling beauty in the sky?!

Unfortunately, I don’t think I will be following the wise words of Bill Watterson who said,“Weekends don’t count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless.”  Like looking for silly animals…


My weekend is gonna be spent getting ready for the first day of school on Tuesday *gasp*!  But I’ve also got some funsies scheduled in between color-coding my planner and calendar, printing and copying worksheets, reading over school procedures, and responding to emails…


Tonight we’re headed downtown to another Nat’s game [with a performance by Lifehouse post-game], coffee catch-ups with some girlfriends, making a trip out to Costco, buying a new bed and mattress with my Dear, and enjoying a relaxing mani and pedi at the nail salon!  I think that’s a pretty comprehensive weekend- fun outdoor evening entrainment, quality time with friends, shopping, and pampering…  What else could a girl want?!


“The only reason why we ask other people how their weekend was is so we can tell them about our own weekend.” 

~ Chuck Palahniuk

Question:  What are your 3-day weekend plans?

Question:  Have you ever worn any of the Reebok toning shoes?



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3 responses to “Work-filled & Wonderful

  1. I plan to help my sister get prepped for her 1st day of third grade (she’s a teacher) which starts Tuseday! Yippeee! 🙂

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