Sunny, Runny, or Drippy?

After reading numerous posts, I’ve been intrigued about the idea of putting an egg on top of a salad- I’ve had hard-boiled eggs in a salad, but never a sunny-side up egg…  Since I’m working from home today, it seemed like a perfect opportunity!

Relaxing while being productive is very enjoyable 🙂

Since I haven’t had an opportunity to go to the store for a few days, we’re running low on food…  Totes random ingredients = a garbage bowl salad!

The star of the show…

I wouldn't put my eggs on a ledge ever again- I feared I would have a dozen large CRACKED eggs!

Eenie, meenie, minie, moe...

A sunny side up egg 🙂

Perfectly cracked, if I do say so myself!

I had never heard of “runny” or “drippy” eggs before I started reading blogs, I always referred to them as “sunny-side up” 🙂  But to each his own, call your eggs whatever you please!

Now that's a pretty garbage bowl, no?!

So many bright colors- love it!

Sliced, diced, and tossed...

It may not be pretty, but it was tasty!

I was seeing double with my sides: two plumots and two cheesy, salsay tortillas.  I know I’ve said it before, but plumots are easily my new favorite fruit!


Cheesey, salsay tortilla fixin's

They made great bowl cleaners 😉 Leave no food behind!

And every meal should end on a sweet note…

Chocolate VitaTop

Two things to share that I saw on TV while I was eating lunch [and working]:

  1. A new season of Parenthood starts next Tuesday, September 6th on NBC!
  2. Not only is there a “Snuggie,” there now is a “Forever Lazy”!  You have to watch this commercial- this must be a joke, right?!  “Uh-oh, gotta go?  No worries!  “Forever Lazy” has zippered hatches in front and back!”  OYE *covering eyes*…


This afternoon I need to:

Create my September goal list [so inspired after reading other people’s lists]

Get a workout in at the gym

Swing by the grocery store.

Anddd, my Dear and I are planning to meet up with a group of friends for a Nat’s game later tonight to celebrate Jeannie’s birthday [BTW, Jeannie wrote an inspirational guest post a couple of weeks ago about overcoming an injury this summer]!

P.S.  Good news- the doctor called this morning with the results from my surgery last week and there is no residual melanoma aka it’s all gone!

Question:  Are your eggs “sunny,” “runny,” or “drippy”?

Question:  Do you have a “Snuggie” or a “Forever Lazy”?

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