Thanks for Dinner Joe

It was an easy-peasy dinner tonight, courtesy of Joe [Trader Joe that is] 😉

Sautéed celery + onion + mushrooms + spinach…

Shrimp + chicken pot stickers…

Frozen bell peppers…

Combine shrimp + pot stickers with veggies…

And toss with dressings and seasonings of your choice [I used a combo of mustard + salsa + hot sauce + black pepper + garlic powder]…  Eat and enjoy!

Question:  Whats your favorite Asian dish?

Question:  Did you hear that Diddy is writing a book about butts?!  Oye vey…


Filed under Food, Recipes

3 responses to “Thanks for Dinner Joe

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  2. Great use of the dumplings! I have a whole big ol bag of them in my freezer!

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