Details Getcha [to the Right] Places

After my first day of work in the “real world” yesterday, all I wanted to do was crawl into my bed and never move- I was pooped from cleaning out clutter and arranging my room!  I can’t imagine how I’ll feel on day 194…

Bed, bed, bed...


This morning I woke up feeling BEAT.  Breakfast was eaten, lunch was packed, a shower was taken, emails were [not] read, my bed was [not] made, and a quick trip to Sbucks was necessary.

Grande, 1/2 Caff, Skim, Sugar-Free Vanilla, Extra Hot, Cappuccino

This year I will be teaching 2 math classes, 2 science classes, and 1 WAT [Worker Awareness and Transition] class.  Yesterday I found out that there was a training this morning that I needed to attend [another teacher taught the course last year so she had been receiving all of the WAT emails].  I thought that I had all of the details but unfortunately, there was some miscommunication so my morning was spent sitting in rush hour traffic for almost two hours on all of the major highways, byways, and freeways…  NOT fun :/ 

Lesson learned: Double [or triple] check all of the details for an event before hitting the road!

Look at all the construction, it's everywhere!

Me no happy, me want out of ze car!

I eventually made it [an hour late].

Onto happier thoughts…

The past two days have been so busy I haven’t had time to share about my Sunday Funday!  My Dear and I celebrated our one-year engagement anniversary ♥  Since he had a busy week at work and had to work all day Saturday too, I was anxious to see him!  We immediately exchanged gifts…  He got: the most low maintenance pet, a picture frame, and a set of beer mugs.  I got: a gift certificate to Build-a-Bear and three new Pandora charms!

3 new charms: divider with pink sparkles, a book, and an apple 🙂

After we both ooh’ed and ahh’ed, we grabbed lunch at the Teet and spent the afternoon shopping!

First stop: Unique…  Unique is a HUGE thrift store that has anything and everything you could ever imagine.  There are some nifty things [common household items, apparel, and electronics] and lots of random things that make you wonder “What in the world?!”  My Dear loves it because he always finds silly shirts!

How about a little troll for your desk?

Get it? It's time to "Get a Job!" and to "Get Married!" HA

I said I wanted a pet puppy, not a goose 😛

Purchase Numero Uno

Purchase Numero Dos

Next stop: Build-A-Bear…  I have been nagging my Dear for the past couple of months to get me a HUGE bear from Costco but haven’t had much success- I keep telling him that I NEED the big bear to keep me company when he’s not around!  But rather than a big bear, I got “Sk8er Bear” and picked out a couple of outfits [jean shorts + a t-shirt and PJ’s] and a skateboard!

Not only do they have bears, they have bunnies, puppies, kitties...

Mr. Bear

Step one: stuff and fill with love

Step two: clean him

Step three: dress him

We also meant to swing by Petco to buy a new pet fishy [Romeo, our last fish died last week :(] but ran out of time because we had plans to make calzones for dinner with my momma and one of her girlfriends.  I forgot to take pictures, but trust me, they were a smashing success and we all licked our plates clean!

The night ended on a sweet note, Arctic’s were eaten and Kindergarten Cop was watched 😛  I’ve been wanting to see it ever since my Dear sent me this clip…  “We’re gonna turn this mush into muscle!”


Question:  Do you have any tips to survive work in the “real world”?!

Question:  Have you ever Built-a-Bear?



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