No TJ’s Near You?

OH EM GEE, guess what?!  This is for anyone who loves TJ’s but doesn’t have a store within driving distance…

TJ’s [Traffic Jams] Delivery Service

About TJ’s Delivery Service:

“…we realized that folks across the country wanted to embrace the high quality, reasonably priced, and unique items that Trader Joe’s® purveys. As Trader Joe’s® only has approximately 350 stores across the US, many folks do not have a store nearby. Although we’d love to come and introduce ourselves to each of you with a bag full of the amazing Trader Joe’s® products you love, we soon realized that we could simply do the next best thing – ship them to your door!”


Products [by category] that they carry:

  • Pet Shop: cats and dogs
  • Groceries: canned/ packaged, pasta/ grains, snacks, ingredients, condiments, international, and beverages
  • Home and Bath: body care, paper goods, and cleaning products

You can also shop by price range or specialty diet [fat-free, gluten-free, kosher, low sodium, vegan, vegetarian, organic]!

Cool facts and FAQ’s about TJ’s Delivery Service:

  • They carry products from Kashi®, Nature’s Gate®, Trader Joe’s®, Environné®, Blue Diamond®, Dilletante®, Tom’s of Maine®, and many more
  • Currently, they only ship nonperishable items but they are hoping to expand and add frozen foods in the future
  • You can change or cancel an order at any time before the order is shipped
  • If you’re looking for an item they don’t have, just send them an email at and they will try to get it to you
  • There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee- if you are dissatisfied with any of the products you ordered, you can contact customer service and they’ll do their best to correct your order

Unfortunately, I didn’t have any luck finding either of my two favorite items [peanut flour and dark chocolate wedges] that are discontinued, but I did find a lot of products I buy on a frequent basis!

**I have not used TJ’s Delivery Service because there are multiple TJ’s close to me, I just found the website this morning- hope it’s helpful!**

Question:  Do you shop at TJ’s?

Question:  What is your favorite TJ’s product?

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