A Lotta Hype, Little Show

Hurricane Irene in a nutshell:

Yesterday 12PM:  My momma and I prepared the house [a light, steady rain began]…

All deck fly aways were stuffed into the garage!

3PM:  Meet one of my girlfriends at the gym [light rain continued]…

4:30PM:  Drive to TJ’s to pick up a few things I forgot earlier [rain got a little steadier and heavier]…

TJ's Whole Wheat Pizza Dough

5PM:  Take an extra-long shower [rain calmed down with a few occasional wind gusts]…

5:30PM:  Watch the news about Irene and Nickelodeon with my momma- don’t ask, she had control of the remote haha 😛 [light rain and wind continued]…

My momma may or may not have fallen asleep as soon as she sat down 😛


7PM:  Make dinner…  We planned to make calzones but my Dear got stuck at work so we decide to postpone them until a later date and made salad, chicken breasts with tomato sauce and Pecorino Romano cheese, bread, and asparagus instead [light rain and wind continued]…

Tenderize those breasts!

Simply Seasoned Chicken Breasts

9PM- 12:30AM:  Read magazines and watch trashy TV- I’m caught up with Teen Mom and Jersey Shore 😛 [rain got a little steadier and heavier, winds got a little stronger…  The power flickered off for a minute but came right back on]…

A little mix of food, clothes, fitness, and trash 😛

P.S.  Check out highlights from the 2010 VMAs:

Beyoncé Performing at the 2009 VMAs


Hm, who else once wore an albino python around their neck?!


Today 6:30AM:  Eat breakfast and check around the house for any damage…  Luckily, Hurricane Irene didn’t do much- there are some leaves and small branches on our street but nothing major [still lightly raining]…

Brancakes and Cantaloupe 😀

Our Back Deck

Our Driveway and Street

So in summary…  Hurricane Irene was a lot of hype and little show in our neck of the woods [don’t get me wrong, that’s not a bad thing]!  I wish the rest of the east coast had the same luck but unfortunately, I know they haven’t :/  It was scary watching the weather channel last night and seeing how much damage a storm can do.  My brother and dad are both up north this weekend and the weather forecast for the New England area looks pretty brutal– NYC declared it’s first-ever mandatory evacuation!

NYC Hurricane Evacuation Zones


I’m off to bake a treat for my Dear for our special day [hint: it’s been a year]!

Pretty Pink Nails and a Sparkling Thing 😉

I picked up a box of Vanilla Cake Mix [made with Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla flavor] at TJ’s yesterday and when I got home I saw a tasty looking recipe for pumpkin cake batter cupcakes with cinnamon sugar icing on girl meets life. that I think I’m gonna use as inspiration 🙂

Question:  Did Irene do any damage in your area?

Question:  Are you planning to watch the VMAs?  I admit that I’ve never actually watched the whole show- I’ll flip back and forth to them, but I tend to get bored :/


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