They’ve Got Their Frozen Foods

Rain, rain, go away, [please] don’t come this-a-way!


Looking for some water? At this point I suggest you put a bucket under your gutter and catch the raindrops!

Sorry it's so blurry, I was rushing to get a spot in the check-out line that snaked around the store!

FYI:  When I was at the grocery store yesterday everyone had their carts filled with FROZEN FOODS!   I’m a little confused, if the power goes out your fridge AND freezer also goes out?  Do those people know something I don’t?!

So many goodies, so little time to eat it all!

Be back later with two recipes: “stupendous tuna fish salad” and “perfect pita points” [try saying those both three times fast!] 🙂

Question:  Did you stock up for the next couple of days in preparation for Irene?

Question:  What’s your favorite canned good recipe?  I’m in need of some guidance…


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3 responses to “They’ve Got Their Frozen Foods

  1. Frozen foods? Haha that is really funny… in our area the water and D batteries were the first to go!

    • Life's a Bowl

      Haha yeah, we forgot to get batteries! I’m hoping they’re making more hype about the storm that it really will be… Wishful thinking!

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