“I’m gonna chop it off and cut it up and make some guacaMOLEEE!”

I coulda and shoulda have followed through with my plan to go to the gym at 6AM this morning…  But I didn’t- my intentions were in the right place, but my execution and follow through were MIA.

Not to say that I haven’t had a productive morning- I’ve showered, I made breakfast, I packed a lunch for my Dear [as a thank you for bring accompanying me to my appointment this morning], I outlined my to-do’s for the day, and I cleaned my room- all by 6:06AM!

No cutting required, just eating 😀

A clover was hiding with the spinach! Does a clover make for a lucky sandwich?

IDK who opened this box of Goldfish but whoever did ripped it to shreds- the “easy pour” feature no longer is in effect…

Why am I such a busy bee this morning?!  Because I am antsy and anxious.  I am going downtown to have surgery on my left thigh.

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that I was going back to the hospital to get the stitches in my right leg removed– my dermatologist did a skin biopsy and it came back melanoma…  Thus, I had a [approximately 4in long X 1in deep] chunk removed.  I’m happy to report that everything is healing beautifully and there is minimum pain [only when I twist or stretch the muscle since there are still two layers of internal stitches] 😀

Scar, schmar- it’s a battle wound and I won!

This morning, I’m having the same procedure on my left thigh.

Hasta la vista moley, hola new scar!

Although the skin biopsy came back only “moderately severe,” my family, my doctor, and I think it would be smarter to be proactive than reactive.  There is always a chance that the mole could develop into melanoma in the future, more so because the mole was newer.  FYI:  A mole can either be mildly, moderately, or severely abnormal.  Doctors typically highly recommend removing any mole that is “severely abnormal” [aka melanoma] but allow patients to make their own decision when the mole is “moderately abnormal.”


I admit, I was a bad “sunner.”  No, I didn’t sit outside and roast under the summer sun all day every day, nor did I “fake-‘n-bake” at a tanning salon frequently…  The problem: I rarely [if ever] wore sunscreen. 

Although I knew better and my parents always reminded me to apply sunscreen,  I didn’t listen- I didn’t like the feeling of being wet or sweaty + lotion, talk about feeling like a slippery eel!  Trust me, I’ve learned my lesson and have been applying sunscreen anytime I’ve been outside this summer!

To learn a little more about melanoma, here are some helpful links:

PubMed Health



Skin Cancer Foundation- Melanoma

Enough serious talk about melanoma, how about some mole funnies [courtesy of Austin Powers haha] 😀


P.S.  The Washington Monument is NOT leaning because of yesterday’s east coast earthquake– only a rumor! *Phew* because the “Leaning Tower of Washington” doesn’t roll off the tongue like the  “Leaning Tower of Pisa” does 😛

Italy, Spring 2007

Have a great day!  I’m planning to relax the rest of the day when I get home- maybe go for a walk, stroll around the mall, see a movie, read?!

Question:  What’s the earliest you’ve woken up planning to go to the gym but didn’t make it?

Question:  Do you apply sunscreen before you’re out in the sun?  If not, YOU SHOULD! B-)



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8 responses to ““I’m gonna chop it off and cut it up and make some guacaMOLEEE!”

  1. I am so sorry that you had skin cancer! It is one of my biggest fears because I lifeguarded outdoors for YEARS! I always put on sunblock at work, but I do skip it before my morning runs because it makes me over heat (since I follow the EWG advice and use a barrier sunblock). Good luck with the second surgery! And make sure you take some vitamin D because your skin can’t make it if you’re wearing sunblock!

    • Life's a Bowl

      Thanks 0:-) Surgery went well and I’ve been moving around all afternoon- I can’t sit still [one of my biggest flaws]! Yeah, I used to lifeguard in middle and high school and didn’t apply sunscreen :/ Ya live and learn- I’ve learned, ha!

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