“I Decided to Choose Freedom and Truly Live Life”

What a BEA-UUU-TIFUL DAY 😀  Maybe the earthquake shook away all of the ugly weather we’ve been having recently?!

Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s gonna last for long since Hurricane Irene is headed this-a-way :/  BTW, the surgery went a-okay and I actually didn’t even cry, maybe I’m overcoming my needle phobia?

I am so excited to share a post with y’all tonight from one of my good girlfriends, Heather!  Heather is a fabulous girlfriend…  She not only has provided me with great support over the years, but she’s the complete package- the brains [recent graduate from Arizona State with a degree in Sustainability] and the beauty [inside and out]!  I’m sad that she recently moved away from the east coast to pursue a career opportunity, but I have no doubt in my mind that she will have great success!


I am so honored that my good friend Allison asked me to write a guest post about the crazy, but wonderful world of modeling that I’ve been a part of for the past five years.  I first started out as a straight size model, then as a photographer, then as an assistant booker, and finally as a plus size model.  My transition into a curvy model started after I was tired of living in a mental prison, obsessively working out, and counting calories to an unhealthy size zero.  After six years of living this way, I decided to choose freedom and truly live life.  Accepting my natural size 12/14 curvy body was the best thing I’ve ever done.  Traveling back and forth from Denver to LA and NYC, I hope to inspire women with my story of embracing my body to live life to the fullest.

What is the best way to start a modeling career?

Step 1:  Make sure you are VERY comfortable in your skin and you understand that this is a business.  You cannot take things personally.  One person may hate your look and another may love it.

Step 2:  Google reputable agencies and apply!  You don’t need any professional pictures at this point.  They will usually ask for digitals with little to no makeup on.  A digital shows your potential and natural beauty.

Step 3:  If they are interested in you, they will set up a meeting to potentially sign you.

Can a modeling agency tell just from a snapshot whether someone has what it takes to be a model?

The majority of the time, yes.  However, some models are extremely photogenic and can really transform after makeup and wardrobe.  If this seems to be the case, the agency may have you test with a photographer before deciding whether or not to sign you.

Do you think it is necessary to pay for modeling school?

NEVER PAY for modeling schools.  You will learn a ton through the everyday demands in this industry.

What are your favorite and least favorite parts of modeling?

Favorite:  the creative and talented people, traveling to fantastic cities, the amazing day rates, the variety [days are never the same], networking, the excitement, there is no 9 to 5 schedule, and the challenge of it all.

Least favorite:  the uncertainty, the last-minuteness, long travel days, devoting a lot of personal time and money into it at the beginning [tests, flights, cards, website fees], and expense tracking.

What parts of modeling are difficult?

The uncertainty and last-minute everything is difficult to get used to.  You may get put on hold for a job and not know until the day before whether or not you got it.  My old agent and I have laughed about this before…  You don’t really know if you got a job until you are AT the job.  Things change constantly.  It’s a fickle industry.  Even though I booked a job in Barbados, I wasn’t going to believe it until my feet were in the sand haha!

Do you feel pressured to diet or maintain a certain size?

When I was a straight size model, I most definitely did.  You can only be one size: a 34-inch hip.  There is no room for uniqueness from woman to woman.  Not everyone can be this size naturally.  I’ve talked very openly about my struggles as a size 0/2 on my blogs and website.  However, as a plus size model, I don’t feel any of the same pressures.  It’s so refreshing!  You can basically be any size between a 6 and a 20, but you have to be proportional.  Agencies usually look for a 10 inch difference between your waist and hips [ for example, my waist is 33 inches and my hips are 43 inches].  My motto is to be the healthiest I can be [body/ mind/ soul] and wherever I end up, is where I am supposed to be 🙂

Are there specific height and size requirements for high fashion models?

Yes.  Most agencies will have a height minimum of 5’8” and want you to be a size 2 (34-24-24) for a high fashion model.  However, there are always exceptions [hello, Kate Moss]!  I’m very optimistic that in the future straight size models, plus size models, petite models, etc., will all just be called models.  Whoever is best for the job will get it; size won’t matter.

Do models have to have perfect skin with no blemishes, or can they really make all of that go away with makeup?

Amazing skin is a must!  Clients don’t want to pay a re-toucher even more money than they have to.  The bottom line is makeup looks better on clear skin, clients may hire you for in-person work, and it saves everyone a bunch of time. I don’t have the best skin, but I spend a bunch of time making sure it’s the best it can be.

Feel free to check out my website, my plus modeling Tumblr, my personal Tumblr, or ask me any questions [anonymously, if preferred] via my Tumblr!

P.S.  Support Heather and VOTE for her for American Apparel’s “The Next Big Thing” 😀


Question:  Have you ever modeled?

Question:  What are your skin secrets?



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