Coulda and Shoulda… But

Today was kind of “shaky”…  If you live on the east coast or here visiting, you probably felt it and if you’re somewhere else in the country [or the world] you’ve probably heard that the east coast got hit by a 5.9 magnitude earthquake!  An earthquake on the east coast, who woulda thought?!

Do you ever have those moments where you think to yourself “I coulda, I shouda, I woulda?”  Well, today I had many of them 😛


I coulda and shoulda made a new-to-me breakfast since we have a stocked fridge and pantry [thanks to a recent trip to Costco]…  But I didn’t and stuck with an all too familiar breakfast- cereal.

I coulda and shoulda gone to the Teet today to buy more cantaloupe because they were BOGO this week…   But I totes got caught up in other things and forgot- fail.

I coulda and shoulda mixed my “apple pie filling” yogurt [0% plain Greek yogurt + TJ’s Unsweetened Apple Sauce + cinnamon + Stevia] with my cereal to complete the “pie”…  But I didn’t and ate each separately.

I coulda and shoulda brewed a second batch of coffee since it always tastes better in a holiday mug…  But I couldn’t stop working on my Samurai Sudoku puzzle and get myself out of bed- lazy!

Good Morning= Sudoku and Today Show 🙂

I coulda and shoulda screamed louder when a spider dropped from the ceiling right in front of my face [hoping that someone would rescue me]…  But I didn’t and swatted it to the ground, danced around while it tried to escape, and eventually smushed it- gross!

SPIDER! Look right in the middle, he's hiding in the curtain pattern...

I coulda and shoulda ordered my Sbucks cappuccino “extra hot” like I normally do because when I got it, it was only lukewarm…  But I was too excited to sit down and chit-chat with one of my girlfriends- me, impatient?!

I coulda and shoulda made these turkey roll-ups before today [turkey + TJ’s Black Bean Dip + mango and peach salsa]…  But, I’ve been eating a lot of salads for lunch lately- variation is good!

I coulda and shoulda made a more “complete” lunch…  But my snacky mood won and I ultimately made a snack plate with a little of everything I wanted- yum!

Portabello mushroom cap with a dollup of mango and peach salsa

I coulda and shoulda super glued the pictures and decorations onto the walls/ tables so they didn’t fall over…  But I didn’t- no one forecasted an earthquake would hit the east coast!

I coulda and shoulda added milk to my afternoon cereal snack…  But I wanted to eat it with my fingers- a child at heart 🙂

Kashi Go Lean, Puffins, and TJ'S Fiber

I coulda and shoulda picked up a towel before I started biking…  But I forgot and was dripping sweat the whole time- hot or not?!

Post-workout, no judgements 😛

I coulda and shoulda defrosted my Vitamin Water Zero before my workout…  But I didn’t and glad it was still frozen- knockoff lemonade Slurpee!

We [a girlfriend and I] coulda and shouldaassumed that our usual nail salon was closed since they didn’t answer the phone after four attempts…  But we didn’t and went to see for ourselves that they were closed because of the earthquake- nails are obvi a priority, right?!

I coulda and shoulda have made tuna quesadillas for dinner like I had been planning on…  But I was too tired and made a simple dinner [very similar to last night’s meal]- there’s always tomorrow!

Roasted Veggies

Egg Scramble

I coulda and shoulda be asleep by now because I am planning to wake up early to get to the gym by 6AM tomorrow…  But, I wanted to finish this post- dedication 😉


Question:  What was your “coulda, shoulda, woulda” of the day?

Question:  What’s your go-to lazy night dinner?


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