Making a Commitment to “Journaling”

Growing up, I would often buy diaries or a journals solely because of the cute picture on the cover…

A Lisa Frank journal- I was mesmerized all of the psychedelic colors!


I would write my first entry,  put it in my night stand, and soon forget about it- it just wasn’t my thing.  Writing was never one of my academic strengths…  Whenever I had to write a paper, I’d procrastinate until the last-minute and cram out sub-par work.  On the other hand, whenever I had a project that required a poster or a computer-based presentation, I was all over it like white on rice.  I have always loved arts and crafts- give me some paper, markers, glitter, swizzle scissors, and I’m happy 🙂

I'm pretty sure that I had all of these 😛


Last summer, I started reading healthy living blogs and continued since.  I love how each blog is so unique!  With a focus on healthy living, recipes, fitness, and exciting events [all of my passions found in one place], I’m sold!

A year later, I’ve decided to write my own…  Thus, Life’s a Bowl (*LAB*) was born!  I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to keep up with writing my own blog, what to talk about, or if anyone would want to read my posts…  But the past two weeks have shown me that I CAN and WANT TO write everyday, there is an ENDLESS list of topics to discuss, and people surprisingly ARE reading my posts [thanks family and friends and whoever else you are :D]!

This past weekend was HLS (*Healthy Living Summit*).  If you’ve been stumbling around the blog world, you’re well aware of this already, if not, check out the HLS website for more information!  Since I didn’t attend HLS myself, I’ve been living vicariously through everyone else’s recounts and recaps- HOLY GUACAMOLE, HLS LOOKS SO FUN!  I am super hopeful that I will be able to attend next year [maybe it’ll even be in DC ;)]!


I’ve noticed that a big part of blogging is making connections- reaching out to other bloggers [local or distant] who share similar interests.  I’ve found many of the blogs that now follow by reading other blogs.  Being a newbie and all, I have been making an effort the past two weeks to reach out and contact some of the authors behind the blogs that I read on a daily basis.  Thanks to Ashley for sharing the presentation “How to Use Social Media to Network and Make Friends in Your Area” that she presented with Theodora and Cynthia at HLS…  Now I have some more ideas on how to make more connections and future friends!

It’s only been two weeks, but I don’t think I’ll forget about this “journal” 😉  I’ve continued writing after my first entry, and that’s already more than I’ve ever written in the past!  I gotta admit, it’s fun to have a place where I can highlight various tidbits from my day and share them with y’all out there!

P.S.  I created my blogroll this morning, check it out [located in the right side column]!  There are tons of fab blogs to read and start following 🙂

Question:  Do you have any tips for creating a successful blog?

Question:  What topics do you want me to discuss?  What do you want to see more/ less of?


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2 responses to “Making a Commitment to “Journaling”

  1. kayla

    you go girl! i love your blog and keep it up. I only have a wedding blog right now but i will get myself a regular one when i am done with all the planning. you should check out and click the link ‘start here if you’re new.’ I’ve been following her for over a year now and she’s my biggest dose of happiness during a rough day 😀

    I love your healthy tips. Totally motivating!

    • Life's a Bowl

      Thanks so much for your support- it really means a lot! I’ll def check out the link 🙂 My momma brought home two wedding magazines yesterday that I need to look through… P.S. We’re hoping to have it sooner rather than later!

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