More is Always Better Than One

It’s a stupendous Saturday!  Here are a couple of pictures that I forgot to post from one of my girlfriend’s birthday dinner– we saw the rainbow on our drive downtown!

Breakfast in bed [fruit, yogurt, and cereal], a trip to TJ’s, a trip to Costco, a tasty lunch [highlight: an apple crumb VitaTop topped with TJ’s spreadable goat cheese], a productive afternoon reading my student’s records, and a sweatastic workout at the gym…  And the best has yet to come, we’re going to the Washington National’s (*Nat’s) baseball game tonight!  My Dear and I have gone to a bunch of Nat’s games this season- what’s better than a beautiful summer evening sitting outside at the ballpark, eating a picnic dinner, sipping a few cold beverages, and watching a good game?  Not much!

Rewind to yesterday…  I woke up feeling fine, but as the morning progressed I felt like a bulldozer plowed right through me.  I ended up leaving the last day of training early because I honestly just wasn’t functioning.  Thankfully, I was scheduled to be in a classroom with the students that I worked with earlier in the week so I didn’t miss anything.  Once I got home, I hopped into bed, read some blogs, ate lunch, got back into bed, and dragged myself to the gym.  I normally wouldn’t have made myself go to the gym because of how sluggish I felt, but I had an appointment with a personal trainer that I felt bad canceling.  We began the session with a warm up [more like a workout, in my opinion] and transitioned to the weights area.  We focused on the FreeMotion machines and body resistance exercises.  The workout itself wasn’t that difficult but I was still sore from the kettlebell and bosu ball workout I did Wednesday night with my momma [seriously, those classes are no joke] so my flexibility was at its minimal.

On my way home I swung by the Teet to get a couple of things…  It’s the little things in life that make me happy 🙂  Such as snagging awesome deals at the grocery store!  As I’ve said before, I love shopping sales, who doesn’t [okay, maybe not everyone loves the grocery store as much as me, but a sale is a sale]!

Why only buy one when you can have…  Three!

I go crazy for cantaloupe!

Buy one, get one free… Sure, how about two, three, or four, why not?!

Drink Mixes

Frozen breakfast treats [for my brother], check!

Confetti Pancakes?! BREAKFAST PARTY!

I never had one of these when I was younger, my momma used tinfoil and plastic bags… Modern “technology” at its finest, ha!

Wonder Bread, Goldfish, Pop-Tart, and Crayola Snack Cases

I start teaching in three weeks, I gotta connect with my students somehow…  What child doesn’t like Goldfish?!  P.S.  The Pop-Tarts case was textured with the little sprinkle toppings like the actual treat!

My Favorite!

All together now…

Not all of the groceries, but all that were on some type of sale!

I saved a whopping $25 and didn’t even use any coupons [I forgot them at home, oops]!

P.S.  I hope you all enjoyed the guest post yesterday by one of my girlfriends!  I knew that she had gotten injured during her race, but I didn’t know it was that severe…  Such an inspirational story!

Question:  Do you enjoy going to professional athletic events?

Question:  Where is your favorite store to grocery shop?



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4 responses to “More is Always Better Than One

  1. Isn’t grocery shopping so fun?! I lived in DC for a semester during college and LOVED Harris Teeter! Forgot about it until I read your post ha ha. Now that I’m living in NYC I hit up D’Agostinos and Fairway Market. 🙂

    Just found your blog and I love it!

    • Life's a Bowl

      I love grocery shopping- especially when I find new products! Ooo, I love NYC- especially during the holiday’s with all of the decorations and lights 😀 I need to find a good farmer’s market around here… I’ve been meaning to check out the Eastern Market- did you ever go?

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Great job on the savings, I hate forgetting my coupons at home, but racking up $25 off without them is great! Those goldfish containers are super cute!

    • Life's a Bowl

      Thanks 😀 It’s so bad- I cut them every weekend, organize them, but never remember to grab them when I go to the store! I know, right?! I think I need to get one 😛

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