“As Hard As It’s Been, I Would Do It All Again”

Hola chicos and chicas!  TGIF [THANK GOODNESS IT’S FRIDAY]!


No, this was not my Friday night last week but I think this music video is hilarious!

*Phew,* what a week- I am sufficiently exhausted from being at school all day for training, fitting in quick workouts, and reading at night.  Last night a group of us went out to celebrate my twinsie’s birthday!  We went downtown to a restaurant right near the Verizon Center, Zengo.  It was a great group of people, funny conversations, and tasty food [an a glass of champagne never hurts ;)]… all the fixin’s for a good night!

The Girls

The Guys

This afternoon I have a guest post from one of my sorority sisters, Jeanmarie [aka Jeannie]!  Jeannie recently moved down to the DC area from NY.  Read about her summer that hasn’t gone, well, exactly as planned…  It’s such an inspirational story!


Hello all!  My name is Jeanmarie, aka Jeannie, and Allison asked me if I’d write a post for her new blog- I promised her to keep it clean and classy 😉

Summer, the best time of the year!  Everyone is outside, tanning, splashing around in the ocean, running on a boardwalk…  All of my personal favorites.  Whether for better or for worse, this summer was probably one of the most challenging, yet rewarding, summers that I’ve had.

My “summer story” actually began back in January…

This year, I made a News Year’s resolution to do something to better myself and positively influence other people- I decided to join Team in Training.  Team in Training raises money for little kids who have leukemia and lymphoma [check out my personal page for more information].  In order to raise money, I signed up for the Sleepy Hollow Triathlon in Sleepy Hollow, NY [yes,“The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” was written there]!

Speed up to June…

6/5/2011:  I couldn’t let anything stop me from training, I had come so far!  I could swim a half mile in under 15 minutes and run a mile in 7:28.  I even threw on my wetsuit and swam in the frigid Atlantic Ocean when I was on Long Beach Island for a sorority sister’s wedding.

6/9/2011:  Unfortunately, my story turn a turn for the worse.  I jumped onto my bike and headed out for a ride.  Before I knew it, I lost balance- I tried to put my foot down to keep myself from falling off but I landed on the curb and my foot absorbed all of the shock.  OW!  After the initial pain, I didn’t think much of it and went home, iced it, and went for an easy 4.5 mile run- bad idea!  The next day my ankle was swollen and red.

6/11/2011:  It was 10PM the night before my triathlon.  I had raised over $2,600 thanks to my friends, my sorority, my fire department, and my community.  I was in great shape [other than my foot] and I could swim faster than almost everyone else on my team.  I decided to go for an easy run around my childhood neighborhood- after about a quarter of a mile, I began having pain in my right foot and leg but I forced myself to finish the mile,  I couldn’t go any further- I stopped at my mom’s house on the way home and was almost in tears.  I tired ice, compression, and elevation, nothing worked…

6/12/2011:  At 5:30AM I checked-in for my triathlon.  I was unsure whether doing the race was the best decision but I tried not think about the pain.  I kept telling myself  “mind over matter, you can do anything you put your mind to.”  Soon enough, 8AM rolled around and the race started!

It was the most intense experience ever!  I swam. Then I biked.  I wiped out at a 90 degree angle on my bike and flipped over it- despite hitting my head and bleeding down my hand and leg, I picked my bike up and kept going.  A lady on the side of the road started screaming “I’m so f***ing proud of you!”  Then it was time for the run.  At mile 1.5, the pain in my foot was about ten times worse than the day before.  If it weren’t a race, I probably would have stopped.  I refused to let anyone down, especially the two little girls from the Bronx that I pledged to raise money for.  I tried going faster, but my legs were working against me.  I crossed the finish line and got fourth place in my age group.

The worst was over, right?  Wrong…  After getting some water, I had to break down my transition space.  As pushed my bike up the hill to my car, I heard and felt a loud POP in my foot- I almost fell over screaming in pain.  Thankfully, there were two ambulances on standby [but since I volunteer as an EMT in the area, it’s an unwritten rule that you never ride in an ambulance to the hospital].

6/14/2011:  Everyone began making plans for the summer.  Bahamas again?  Not for me.  I met with a podiatrist [a friend of my boyfriend’s family]- he was a nice man, but gave me the terrible news…  I would need to be on crutches for at least a week.  My foot was double its size and a nasty shade of purple-red.  Then, one week turned into 5 weeks, followed by 2 weeks on a cane, and then 4 weeks in a boot.

The first doctor said I had joint damage, a chronic and multiple, tear to my ATF, and tendon damage.  The second doctor said I tore my plantar fascia [the muscle that connects your toes to your heel].  The first thing I asked was “When can I run again?! In a week?”  Their answer, “Absolutely not, try next January and you’re not doing any more events until next May.”  WHAT?!  It’s summer, I’m supposed to be going to the beach, cruising up and down the east coast, dancing at rooftop bars in Manhattan, NOT hobbling around on crutches and unable to drive or even walk across my apartment.  All I could do was go to work and come home and sit on the couch [the one thing I hate doing].  Talk about bad timing, I had to move down to DC in 6 weeks and start grad school and work full-time!

Summer is now almost over but I REFUSE to let anything get me down.  I actually have listened to the doctors and have kept still for the most part.  I’ve had tremendous help from my amazing boyfriend who changed around his work schedule to drive me places, tried to cook for me, and even attempted to clean my apartment, as well as my friends.

Life isn’t always all about having fun and partying, sometimes we have to make sacrifices.  In this case, the sacrifice was my summer… And as hard as it’s been, I would do it all again.

One of the girls that I was racing for was told when she was 5 that she was going to die from cancer but to this day, she’s alive and in remission.  A busted foot and lost summer is worth it, knowing that she’ll have the opportunity to graduate high school, complete college, and continue to be the smiley, bow-loving, girly-girl who loves to wear dresses on a daily basis.

Much love and keep it classy Washington!


Question: Have you ever trained for or completed a triathlon?

Question: What is one of your favorite most inspirational quotes?



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