Bed Never Felt So Good

Evening folks!  I wrote this last night but I guess I fell asleep before hitting “publish”!

As soon as I got home from training today I plopped into bed- I swear, my bed never felt so comfortable… Maybe because I woke up at 4:10AM this morning?  Or because I spent the seven hours of training working on the same repetitive task and my brain is fried?  Regardless, ALLISON WANT BED.

Sleepy, sleepy girl... Zzz, zzz, zzz!

Unfortunately, my bed time was short-lived because my momma got home from work and she informed me that it was Kettlebell and Bosu day at her gym.  If you haven’t done kettlebells before, let me be the first to tell you, these bells are NO joke!  Last time I went, I was sore for the next three days.  After a little convincing [Me: “Do I really have to go?”  Momma: “Yes, come.”], we hopped into the car and away we went…  After an hour of lifting, swinging, kicking, balancing, and surely sweating, class was over *phew*!



Bosu Ball


On the way home we made a quick stop at Staples- my momma was looking for stationary for my brother.  We searched high and low, left and right, and all we could find were bright and floral or blank white stationary.  I’ve concluded that most men don’t write stationery.  Rather, they say “Uh, yeah man, that was great” and think it is sufficient.  Our trip was unsuccessful.

By the time we got home, it was almost 8PM- I was exhausted and ravenous [but not cranky, surprisingly].  Dinner was quick and simple- some veggies, soup, yogurt, an egg scramble, and toast [topped with TJ’s Spreadable Goat Cheese and applesauce, so good, just do it].  Dinner was consumed on the floor in my room so I could be alone to read.  The floor sounded better than my desk and I thought it was the next best thing to eating in bed- I’ve had breakfast in bed, but dinner?  I’m not so sure…

How perfect, hot pink and lime green- my two favorite colors!

While reading and eating, I watched MOBBED.  Mobbed is not VH1’s Mob Wives, although I admit that show was one of my guilty pleasures, it was a special on Fox- a spin off on the “flash mob” and was hosted by Howie Mandel.



Mob Wives


P.S. When I was searching for a picture of the Mob Wives, pictures of the NJ Housewives kept popping up…  I wonder if there some mob secret  that will be revealed in this seasons finale?!

I’m currently curled up in bed munching on some kettle corn, reading, blogging, chatting on FB [Facebook], playing Words with Friends, and watching TV.  What, you don’t do ten things at once?!

Ain't she cute? Her name's Daisy- she's a stand-in until I get the real puppy 😛

Question:  Have you ever done a kettlebell or a bosu ball workout?

Question:  Where do you typically eat dinner?



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4 responses to “Bed Never Felt So Good

  1. kayla

    “toast [topped with TJ’s Spreadable Goat Cheese and applesauce, so good, just do it]” – No way! really Allison?

    No worries on being distracted last night. I can tell your life is SO busy right now. Makes me feel so lazy here on my couch doing absolutely nothing (except catching up on your blog of course;) How do you even find time to have friends?? lol

    P.S. How is “Mobbed?” I’ve been dying to watch it.

    • Life's a Bowl

      Yeah- if you like goat cheese and the sweet/ savory combo I think you’ll like it 🙂

      Mobbed was good- I got chills when the guy proposed and all the wedding events that immediately followed… Such a sucker for romance, ha!

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