A Little Rain Won’t Melt Me

Hey y’all!  Today was def Manic Monday.

I spent my morning and afternoon at…

Can you guess?  No, I didn’t spend my whole day in a restroom… Rather, at a school!  This week I’m attending a professional development training with about 40 other county teachers and instructional assistants.  The training will hopefully provide me with information that I can apply to my classroom [ah, mild freak out, less than three weeks till school begins]!


[rewind to the weekend]


  • Pedicure with my momma

Can you see my toes? They're kind of hiding in my pink shag rug 😛

I’m a creature of habit and obviously got pink.  Sometimes I switch up the colors- blue, green, purple- but never red.  I don’t know why, but I don’t think red looks good on my nails.  My momma has always said that I look good wearing red, but I guess clothes are different?!

  • Gym with my Dear

It’s always such a treat getting the opportunity to workout with someone [time flies when you’re having fun], especially a cute boy!

Unfortunately, due to traffic, we didn’t make it in time to see the opening band, The Band Perry.  Totes bummed since they’re one of my favorite bands!  The next best thing to watching them live is watching their music video, right?


Sorry guys, I had to 😛 No judgements...


  • Slept in until 8AM

Holy guacamole, that’s late!  I’m a morning person aka I usually wake up before the sun rises!

  • Worked at the housing development

I work at a local, new housing development as a hostess.  Essentially, I get paid to sit in a ginormous house [a house that I could afford probably when I’m 90?] and welcome visitors and provide them with a brief overview of the house… Not bad, eh?

Cheesin' in my "professional" attire 😉

  • Gym with my Dear

Another perk of the weekends- a great workout partner!

  • Grocery shopping at TJ’s and the Teet to prepare for the busy upcoming week

My Dear and I went together after we finished at the gym.  Per ritual, he bought me a bouquet of flowers but unfortunately we accidentally forgot that they were in his bag and didn’t make it home with me [hopefully he doesn’t kill them]!

Sadly, I hardly made it through the first 5 minutes of this weeks episode…  Thankfully, Bravo has a tendency to replay all their shows 100 times throughout the week so I’m not too worried!

[back to the present]


I’ll leave y’all with a clip from The Big Bang Theory.  I’ve never actually watched the show myself but I’ve seen this clip multiple times during my professional development sessions.


Question:  What did you do this weekend?

Question:  Are you planning to watch the Millionaire Matchmaker?


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