NGT Time

Good morning, rise and shine!  I’ve been awake since 5AM and have eaten breakfast, read and responded to emails, and caught up on all of my Words with Friends games [I’m addicted!]… I love PRODUCTIVE mornings 😀

Today’s agenda includes:

  • Nails with my momma

I've gotten designs on my nails before, but some of these deisigns are out there... Maybe I should ask if they could do a different design on each nail?!


I absolutely love whenever I get my nails done, a mani (*manicure*) or a pedi (*pedicure*).  When I was younger, I used to do my nails myself [always using glitter polish and frequently would have a different color on each nail, HA].  I guiltily admit that I used to get my nails done as often as every week (fingers one week, toes the other week) when I was at school in Boston.  There were numerous nail salons on Newbury St. but I found one that was adorable- all of the women knew me and were always so welcoming!  I always recommended it to my girlfriends and even brought my Dear with me a couple of times [to get a massage]- they offered 10 minute massages for $10… Let me tell you, these women were petite and sweet but they sure had strong hands and knew exactly how to get all the knots out of your back and neck!

  • Gym for a tiring cardio and weight workout [with my Dear]

Totes a hottie with a body, right?!


I took a day off from the gym yesterday thinking that I would do a hard workout today with my Dear.  I’m thinking an hour of cardio and some upper body weight machines?  I’m really been trying to incorporate more weights into my workout routine and I’ve successfully done some type of strength conditioning three days this week!  My weak upper body definitely feels tight the day after…

  • Tim McGraw concert with a bunch of my friends


This video is dated from 2010 but is it just me, or do the outfits seem a little retro?  A throwback to the 90’s?

Regardless, you can be assured that there will be 5 screaming girls [with the boys in the background] screaming the entire night, YEEHAWWW!

Side Story: My Dear and I went to a country concert the first summer we were dating.  I knew he wasn’t a big fan of country music so I thought it was so sweet of him to agree to go with me [he’s a keeper ;)]!  We’ve continued the tradition of going to a summer country concert every summer since!  Even though he isn’t a big fan of country music, he enjoys the pre-show festivities- it’s always such a fun atmosphere! 

Question: Do you prefer to get your nails done professionally or do them yourself?

Question: Do you do cardio and weights in the same day?

Question: Have you ever been to a country concert?



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4 responses to “NGT Time

  1. I like getting my nails done professionally, I just like the way they manicure them, and it makes you feel like you can go and do something “girly”. PS-I used to LOVE “I like it, I love it!” haha

    • Life's a Bowl

      Totes agree 🙂 I’ve recently tried the gel nails. highly recommend them! They dry before you even leave the salon, don’t chip, last for approx 2-3 weeks, and don’t ruin your nails like acrylics!

      • Lauren C.

        I’m a total sucker for a mani and pedi.. duh! What girly girl isn’t?! Actually, that is on the list to do today. 🙂
        Cardio and weights in the same day… I really try to but sometimes I skip out on the weights. That is my most dreaded part of working out. I’m always counting down the second to when I’m finished with those damn weights (unfortunately)! But…. it’s a must, especially with my weak upper body. It’s supposed to be helping the osteopenia in my wrists!
        Country concerts…those are a necessity in life. They are always so much fun and such a ‘feel good’ thing to do, especially with all the talented artists out there! I’m so bummed I couldn’t make the Timmy concert this past weekend, I’m sure it was amazing! 🙂

      • Life's a Bowl

        Yeah, I’m not very good about sticking with a weight routine :/ but I was successful last week and hope to keep up the effort! My weak upper body will appreciate it in the long run 😉 Some people prefer to do it before they do their cardio routine, but that’s not really my style… The concert was fabulous but you were missed!

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