Wounded [No More] Wednesday

This morning I woke up feeling leery about my doctor’s appointment.

A little background: about a month ago I went to the dermatologist.  After an emotional appointment (due to my needle phobia, which shall be discussed later), I had two moles removed via a shave biopsy.  After the samples were sent out, the results showed that the one on my right leg was melanoma and the left leg was moderately abnormal.  As a result, I had surgery the following week to have the melanoma removed.

I WARN YOU [because it makes my momma squirm], the images below contain a cut, some bruising, and stitches!

So it went from this…

A day or two after surgery

to this…

This past weekend

and now to today…

Today, after the stitches were removed with butterfly strips on top

This morning the doctor removed the top layer (there were three, two internal) of stitches.  He said that despite developing a hematoma, the wound looks good and he is happy with its healing *YAY*!

Unfortunately, after much discussion and weighing the pros and cons, I have decided to have the same thing done on my left leg.  Although the results came back only moderately abnormal, there still is a future chance that it can develop into cancer, thus I’d rather be safe than sorry.

Sorry for the not-so-pleasant post, but thought I’d give y’all an update!  And for the record, WEAR YOUR SUNSCREEN!  Even if it’s SPF 4, coconut-smelling goodness, anything is better than nothing!

On the bright side, all of the melanoma was removed from my right leg, I won’t be at risk for developing melanoma in my left leg after the surgery, and my momma came with me to my appointment this morning and we swung by Sbucks (*Starbucks*) afterwards for a little pick-me-up treat!

Time to get my lazy self out of bed [accidentally took an hour nap] and head to the gym… I’m kinda nervous about the wound popping open since the top layer of stitches were removed?!


Question: How do you react to needles?

Question: What are some of your favorite conveniences?



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