Wimpy Weights & Costco

I’ve played sports all of my life and I was always running around town to different practices…

Soccer: I began playing in my early years of elementary school and eventually joined a travel team as… goalie…

Tennis: I started playing because our country club offered tennis lessons (outdoors in the summer months and inside a bubble during winter months).  Let’s just say I hit the ball over the net, WAYYY over the net, meaning over the fence, HA!

Swimming: Another country club team during the summer- practices were every morning during the week and meets were at the crack of dawn on Saturday morning.  I surprisingly was pretty speedy in the pool!  I frequently swam in an older age group- maybe because I was always a foot+ taller than the other girls my age?!

[I didn’t continue soccer, tennis, or swimming after middle school]

Basketball: I began playing on the local house team, a couple of years later, I played on the local travel team, and ultimately, I played on my high school’s team.  I also played on an AAU national team.  The AAU season began in the spring and lasted through the summer, with a few events in the fall and winter.  Most of my weekends were either spent traveling, at a tournament, or at a camp.

Lacrosse: Similar to basketball, lacrosse became a big part of my life.  I began playing on the town’s team and joined a travel team.

It was hard to balance my time between basketball and lacrosse.  Fortunately, I had a supportive family and my momma didn’t mind driving me to and from my commitments, resulting in her putting 100,000+ miles onto her car (not totally my fault, my brother was attending a private school almost an hour away from our house).

As you can see, I’ve lived a pretty active lifestyle my whole life and I LOVE it!  I love how I feel after a good sweat session- whether I am running throughout my neighborhood, using a machine at the gym, or playing an informal game of pick up, sweat is a beautiful thing!

I tend to focus a lot on cardiovascular activities.  In an attempt to increase my strength, I’m trying to incorporate more weight training into my routine.  I rode the bike for 45 minutes and alternated between level 10, 12, and 8.  After the bike I did some of this…

and some of this…

and even MORE machines, 7 total!  I was so proud of myself- I did approximately 3 sets of 15 reps on each machine… this morning my arms and abs are definitely feeling it *phew*!

After the gym, a quick trip to one of my favorite stores [COSTCO] was necessary to get some…

And continue to nag my Dear about getting me…

He's furry, soft, plush, and he's LIFE SIZE!

Question: Do you prefer to do cardio or weights at the gym?

Question: Do you have any OVERSIZE stuffed animals?  Am I being silly?

*Shout out to Jasmine Thomas!  Jasmine and I played together for a couple of years on the AAU team.  She definitely had much more talent than I did- she graduated from Duke University this past spring and is now playing for the Washington Mystics!  YOU GO GIRL!  P.S.  I highly recommend you all check out a WNBA game- the games are fast paced and it’s evident the players are playing for the love of the game.



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3 responses to “Wimpy Weights & Costco

  1. Oversized stuffed animals are definitely the way to go! I have a GIANT moose/reindeer at home! 🙂

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