Sunday was Spent Shopping Sales

My morning started out with a trip to Sbucks (*Starbucks*) to fill my daily fix…

Drink pre-fixings (cinnamon & sugar) 🙂

Can you guess my order?!

Then a quick trip to one of my favorite [grocery] stores to pick up some things for lunch with my Dear…

If TJ were a dude, I'd totally date him just for his goods 😉

And then we were off to the outlets!  We ended up meeting my momma and one of her friends out there too- they wanted some guidance picking out a beautiful new Coach purse!  Fortunately or unfortunately (?) I snagged many more things than I originally planned to purchase.  After two hours shopping, I got…

Gap: a pair of brown suede flats with gold accents, a blue ruffled linen blouse, a red skirt with white polka dots, a simple white long-sleeved t-shirt, and a tan cardigan; Coach: a wallet to match the beautiful oversized bag I got from my Aunt and Uncle as a graduation gift; Vera Bradley: a lanyard for my school ID badge; Brown Shoe Closet: a pair of “boat-style” (aka Sperry but not) flats; and last but not least, J. Crew: two knee-length A-line skits, and three basic long-sleeved t-shirts!

*PHEW*  Yes, I know that I definitely got more than I had planned, but how is a girl supposed to control herself when there are so many good sales and it was tax-free weekend in VA?!

The rest of the day included a trip to the gym, a second trip to TJ’s [my Dear needed to get himself some groceries for the week], and a quick trip to the Teet (*Harris Teeter*) to get more gauze for my wound [I’ll post details about that another day]!  Oh, and studying for the dreaded GRE, while multitasking and watching me some NJ Housewives- those ladies are redic!


Hope y’all had a good weekend!  I’m planning to fall asleep smelling the beautiful flowers my Dear got me and reading The Help 🙂

Question: Do you feel the need to go shopping whenever there is a good sale?



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6 responses to “Sunday was Spent Shopping Sales

  1. Chandler

    Love that you got so many goodies that will be perfect for teaching times! Also our tax free weekend is in 2 weeks… now you’ve got me all excited to spend way more money than I should 😀 So glad to see Ryan is starting out strong filling the vase!
    Phone chat next week? I’m going to see Will’s family up in Oregon so I’m sure I’ll want to fill you in…

  2. whitney

    hey allison! i just started reading “onward” (the starbucks book) and thought of you — have you read it? keep up the good work on the blog; i’m looking forward to reading it! xo

    • Life's a Bowl

      I’ve seen it in the stores but I haven’t read it… Tell me what you think when you finish! Thanks 😀

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