Creating a Blog is HARD WORK!

Wow, where to begin?  I never thought creating a blog would be so difficult… You have to:

1. Come up with a (cute & catchy) title… I think I made a good choice?!

2. Select the “most appropriate” theme- IDK if “liquorice” is the best fit, but I got frustrated and gave up after scrolling through page 12 (evidence of my lack of patience)!

3. Choose which “widgets” you want- Hm, yet again, IDK if I made the most appropriate selections but WorldPress assured me not to worry, that all of my decisions are amendable… we shall see!

4. Create a “test post” which I’m doing now…

5. And make 18743985743985 more decisions that hopefully will attract readers- bear with me folks, as with any new adventure, there’s a learning process and I’m just beginning to learn me something!

Question: Have you attempted doing something lately that’s ended up being harder than you predicted?


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3 responses to “Creating a Blog is HARD WORK!

  1. Hahahaha! Exactly how I feel. I just recently started one too. Good job on yours!

    • Life's a Bowl

      Thanks! I’ve attempted blogging before but never stuck with it- always used the excuse that there was too much going on… This time, I’m sticking with it!

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